Media Types

I've had years of experience in print media of all kinds, from lengthy catalogs to basic postcard invitations and flyers. I have also worked in many more advanced online/interactive media applications.

Between the mid 90s and 2002 I worked on various web, interactive, and new media projects. I learned how to shoot video, edit sound, create online learning applications and was a terrific animator in flash. Then I decided to take a few years off from a full time career in graphic design and became a fine artist and architectural ceramic designer. A whole new world. While keeping up print design, my web skills got a bit rusty which is why I have completed 2 years at North Valley Occupational Center refreshing my skillset.

You can follow this thread by clicking the green textual links indicating more to see in that media category. For the most part, different work is shown throughtout the two paths.

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Logo Design
Business Stationery
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