Creative Skills

Ability to produce creative concepts and design work for print, web and multimedia.

Very strong on Macintosh platform (Yosemite), but can work on PC as well. Decades of experience in Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXPress. (currently moving to InDesign as that is the industry standard). Proficient in Dreamweaver, Flash and also currently learning the new Adobe CC2014 programs.

HTML and CSS coding skills for use in designing websites. Basic understanding of Javascript, JQuery, and ActionScript. Understanding of back-end databases and when the need for an additional programmer is needed.

Familiarity and experience with various types of printing processes from designing, budgeting and buying.

At one time I was on the cutting edge of technology, was working in a variety of programs such as Adobe Premiere, Authorware, Director, ProTools and a host of utilities. I took about 10 years off to be a fine artist and while I continued working in print it has become necessary to refresh my web skills. This is why I have been in school for 2 years now and once again I am designing websites.

Business Skills

Direct experience with a variey of clients– software/hardware manufacturers, electronics, internet developers, educational companies, landscaping contractors, automotive, fashion, jewelry, banking, legal services, interior design, real estate, aerospace, musical theater, travel, entertainment... and more.

Ability to organize and direct the work of others.

Efficiency in use of time and budget in production.

Ability to write, edit and proofread copy. Also can write and create standards for technical writing.

Fluent in Italian and can "get by" in Spanish

References available on request.

Social Media Skills

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn